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by Fred McMillin

The Most Pleasing $15 Reds


My budget is pinching. What's the most pleasing red I can get for $15? (from a WineDay reader)


My tasters went through 80 wines recently and the best reds in the $15 range were Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. Which should you buy?

Well, the winner averaged an 88 rating to 85 for the other group. Furthermore, the price for the winning varietal group averaged a dollar less than its rival. Yes, in this price range, the winner was the ZINFANDEL.

The highest rated Zinfandels were produced by Creston, Sobon and Deaver. The highest rated $15-range Cabs were by Benziger and Pedroncelli.


When you get up into the higher price ranges, Zinfandel can't match the Cabs (take the Whitehall Lane Reserve at $36), or the Merlots (Matanzas Creek at $43), or Pinot Noir (David Bruce in the $30 range). But around $15, Zin is the thing.

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