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"Move Over, Chardonnay"

  by Fred McMillin



Interest in Viognier continues to increase as evidenced by the number of new producers all over the world making the wine.

...Edward Lazarus, The Underground Wine Journal

Viognier makes a full-bodied, rich white wine that [should prove] attractive to Chardonnay lovers.

...Wine Spectator


The Rest of the Story

So is Viognier becoming a more attractive wine than Chardonnay? To get an idea, I matched five Viogniers against equally-priced Chardonnays. When we uncovered the winners, here's what we found.

Winning Varietal Rating Price Winery/Appellation
Chardonnay 82 $9 Black Marlin, S.E. Australia
Chardonnay 83 $10 Wente, Central Coast, CA
Chardonnay 83 $23 Robert Mondavi, Carneros
Viognier 84 $12 R.H. Phillips, Dunnigan Hills
Chardonnay 86 $16 Adler Fels RESERVE, Sonoma County (pictured)


This test tells us Chardonnay's sales leadership is safe for a while longer.



Viognier is one of the oldest white-wine varieties. Prof. John Baxevanis says its origins go back to early Neolithic (later part of the Stone Age) civilizations. | WineDay | Annex  

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