"Big Wines, Little Prices

  by Fred McMillin


In each of our 20-bottle blind tastings, the panel selects a Best of the Tasting wine. In the last 18 months the average price of these winners was $31.90.

The Rest of the Story

But wait! There were seven exceptions...rare as hen's teeth, they cost but $8 to $12, yet won Best of Tasting. Here they are. (We include the number of more expensive wines they beat.)

Seven Shockers

Rank Price More Expensive Wines The Wine
7th $11 12 Arciero Zinfandel, '95
6th $8 15 M.G. Vallejo Merlot, '94
5th $10 14 Montevina Zinfandel, '95
4th $8 16 Chateau Souverain Sauvignon Blanc, '96
3rd $10 15 Napa Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, '96
2nd $12 10 Oakstone Cab, El Dorado, '91
Win $10 16 Chateau Julien Grand Rsv. Merlot, '95


Compared to $31.90, the average price of these gems is $9.90! I like such wine bargains, as did the ancient Greek philosopher, Diogenes. When asked what wine he preferred, his response was, "Somebody else's."



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