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Our first award-winning site launched in 1994, we were partners with America Online from 1995-2002, and we're still the longest-running food ezine on the Web. Our site received over 360,000 unique visitors in January 2011 (source: Google Analytics and MINT), over 17 million unique visitors since 2007, and our audience is predominantly female.

The globalgourmet.com tier rank on Quantcast ranged from 4,130 to 11,602 over the past year (Currently US Rank of 10,982). The Google Page Rank for the main Global Gourmet home page has ranged between 3 and 7 (10 is highest) over the past two years. DomainTools.com gives our site an SEO Score of 94% and, in November 2010, comScore.com ranked us #95 for key measures (traffic and reach) out of the top 400 food sites they track, using comScore's new Unified methodology which combines audience direct measurement with site tracking beacons.

We offer banners of various sizes, text links for traffic, plus placements on the main page, run-of-site, or just 2nd tier pages (including over 10,000 pages ranked and indexed by search engines—see Recent Searches for examples of indexed pages).

Our 2010-2011 advertisers have included General Mills (including Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Yoplait and other subsidiaries), Jaguar, Buick, Best Foods, Buitoni, Oxo, MasterCard, Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism, and many others.

If you would like more information on advertising, please contact us at this email address:

Important: Please include your company name, address and phone number as well as the names of your principal products or services.



The actual numbers shown below were last checked on December 1, 2010. These numbers are dynamic and can change daily. You can check the numbers manually by clicking on the links.

Links pointing to globalgourmet.com main page: 77,186
Source: Yahoo! Site Explorer

Links pointing to entire globalgourmet.com domain: 497,085
Source: Yahoo! Site Explorer

Position at Google for first four words of title tag on target URL: 1
Source: Google

Age of Domain:
globalgourmet.com (September 12, 1996): 5255 days old
foodwine.com (May 6, 1996): 5384 days old
Source: Network Solutions

Links from domains with .edu TLDs: 12,800
Source: Yahoo

Links from domains with .gov TLDs: 7
Source: Yahoo

Alexa Rank: 83,228; US: 16,422; Sites Linking In: 1,148
Source: Alexa
This traffic/rank is computed from counters that volunteers install on their browsers. More about Alexa rankings.

Domain name visibility: 39,700
Source: Google
This is a count of results at Google for a search for the domain, showing URL visibility rather than incoming link count.

Links indexed by Yahoo: 87,800 (to 12,200 pages)
Source: Yahoo! Site Explorer

Authority & Ranking, according to Technorati (807 blogs): 205 & 27,786
Source: Technorati

Number of bookmark results for URL search at del.icio.us: 103
Source: delicious.com

Listings in DMOZ (ODP): 89
Source: DMOZ

Links found in Wikipedia: 40
Source: Yahoo

Google Pagerank of full URL and Domain: 5
Source: Google

Third-party companies like URLtrends collect this same data from the same external sources we do (such as Yahoo, Alexa, and Google). They collect this data tens of thousands of times a day—these sources have limits to what they will provide, so when checking sites in "live" mode, the data sometimes fails to come through and may affect rankings.



Traffic data varies depending on the source. Each counter program tallies data differently and most use Javascript so if a vistor turns off Javascript, they may not be counted. Some counters do not record data on some older pages (from 1996 to 1998) because the page templates are too old and do not include the counter scripts. Though they use Javascript, the Google Analytics stats appear to be the most accurate because they filter most errors, bots and other junk traffic.


AWstats is our server's internal statistics software.

Here's a snapshot of the January 2011 stats:

AW Stats

Here's a snapshot of the November 2010 stats:

AW Stats

Here's a snapshot of the September 2010 stats:

AW Stats


Here's a snapshot of Google Analytics visitor stats for January 2011:

Google Stats

Here's a snapshot of Google Analytics visitor stats for November 2010:

Google Stats

Here's a snapshot of Google Analytics visitor stats for September 2010:

Google Stats


Here's a snapshot of recent StatCounter.com visitor stats.
(Some older pages do NOT include StatCounter tags so they are not counted.)

January 2011:


November 2010:


September 2010:



Quantcast Stats

Quantcast stats are updated daily but sometimes appear a day or two behind. Click the button for demographic information.
(Some of our older pages do NOT include Quantcast tags so they are not counted.)


Mint Stats

MINT is a "live" PHP-based internal statistics program. We started using MINT in late February 2007. Like Google and Quantcast, MINT does not count bots and other extraneous hits that many other statistics programs count; those extra hits can artificially inflate a site's stats.

Here's a snapshot of MINT's visitor stats for the evening of January 31, 2011:

Mint Stats

Here's a snapshot of MINT's visitor stats for the evening of November 30, 2010:

Mint Stats

Here's a snapshot of MINT's visitor stats for the evening of September 30, 2010:

Mint Stats


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