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The electronic Gourmet Guide (The eGG) started on the web in 1994. The Global Gourmet launched in 1996. The sites merged into one in 1998. There are thousands of recipes in the archives.


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electronic Gourmet Guide

From 1994 through September 1998, our website was called the electronic Gourmet Guide (or eGG) and the domain name from 1996 through 1998 was foodwine.com. Archived pages from the eGG at foodwine.com are located here:

1998 Archive
1997 Archive
1996 Archive

Archived Forums/Message Boards

Earlier pages are no longer available.


Special Content Areas

These pages are compilations of recipes and cookbooks appearing on our site spanning 1996 through the present that relate to a specific topic.

Also visit the Holiday & Party Recipes page for more links.


About the Archives

Monthly columns have their archives linked at the bottom of each page. So, as an example, for Cookbook Profiles just look near the bottom of their pages to find links to previous cookbook profiles and other special features. We have also included a list of archive pages above.

In the Recipe Library

Note that some older pages, like Gourmet Guess, do not have archives. Also, most of the content that appeared before 1996 has been lost, or was merged into newer pages.

Links to On Wine and I Love Desserts archives can be found at the bottom of the most recent On Wine and I Love Desserts pages.

Global Gourmet Today was discontinued in 1998 as a daily column but now appears monthly as Kate's Global Kitchen. You can find the archive to previous Global Gourmet Today and FoodDay columns and recipes at the Global Gourmet Today archives index. Archives for the new column appear at the bottom of every Kate's Global Kitchen page.

All other archives before September 1998 are located in the monthly electronic Gourmet Guide archives. These archives make references to foodwine.com or have links to foodwine.com. Foodwine.com links usually lead you back to globalgourmet.com—the two sites have become one site.

The archives may contain links that no longer work because the pages have either been removed from our server, or removed from the outside server where the link resided when we linked to it. Non-working links on our site will generate an error page that will give you the opportunity to return to our main page.

If you are looking for a page on our site you found via a search engine link or that was referenced by an article on our pages, you can contact us at

and we will investigate. Be sure to include the URL you are looking for as well the page where you found the link. Thanks.

Archives for selected areas, and for 1994 and 1995, have been retired because of technical changes to our server and because many of the older links to other sites on the Internet are now obsolete. Indeed, many of the links in the archives may lead to deadends.

You can also try using our Search engine to locate topics of interest, or recipes.


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